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November 11th - Track Closed
November 12th - Street Grudge "Cash Sunday" w/Test & Tune 
November 17th - Friday Test & Tune/Gambler's Race/ Grudge & Heads Up Racing
November 18th - 21st Annual Turkey Trots
November 19th - Street Grudge "Cash Sunday" w/Test & Tune
November 25th - Track Closed
November 26th - Street Grudge "Cash Sunday" w/Test & Tune Plus...Atmore's "Out the Back Door" Shootout and "2017 King of the Track"

November 11th - Test & Tune
 November 12th - Last Blast Test & Tune

November 9th - Test & Tune
November 11th - Tobacco Field Nationals
November 12th - Tobacco Field Nationals

November 11th - List Shootout Defend the List
November 12th - Re-Scheduled Member Track Madness - Winners Run Off for Special Event Trophy
November 18th - Cornish Hen Race
November 19th - Annual Turkey Race 

November 12th - Fun Drags
November 19th - Fun Drags 

November 10th - Test & Tune
November 11th - Street Racing Made Safe
November 17th - Test  & Tune
November 18th - Crunch Time Outlaw Grudge Fest
November 24th - 36th Annual Citrus Nationals/Test & Tune
November 25th36th Annual Citrus Nationals
November 26th - 36th Annual Citrus Nationals

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November 11th - Test & Tune
November 18th - Test & Tune PLUS RVA List Event
November 25th - Test & Tune

November 26th - Bracket Drags  


November 10th - Always Fun Friday
November 12th - Test & Tune
November 17th- Always Fun Friday
November 18th - Summit ET Series
November 19th - Ironman Classic
November 24th - Poo Poo's Footbrake Turkey Day 10 Grander's
November 25th - Poo Poo's Footbrake Turkey Day 10 Grander's
 November 26th - Poo Poo's Footbrake Turkey Day 10 Grander's

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November 8th - Race 4 Real Wednesday
November 10th - Roll Drags
November 11th - Tread Cemetery
November 15th - Race 4 Real Wednesday
November 16th - Bike Night
November 17th - Full Throttle Friday
November 18th - 2017 APSA Pro Street Nationals
November 22nd - Race 4 Real Wednesday
November 25th - 2017 Atura NSW State Drag Racing Championship - RD8
November 26th - Sunday Street Meet
November 29th - Race 4 Real Wednesday 

November 10th - Friday Night Drags/Open Test & Tune
November 11th - ADRA Memorial Race
November 24th - Arizona No Prep Test & Tune
November 25th - Arizona No Prep Race #4

November 11th - Test-n-Tune
November 18th - Test-n-Tune
November 23rd - Triple 5's ET Bracket Race
November 24th - Triple 5's ET Bracket Race
 November 25th - Triple 5's ET Bracket Race
November 26th - Triple 5's ET Bracket Race

November 11th - Race Ya Mate
November 15th - Race Ya Mate
November 18th - Race Ya Mate
November 25th - 400 Thunder Sportsman
November 29th - Race Ya Mate

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